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Spamming Word list that are not allowed to sms campaign

Webtech has a zero tolerance for fraud/spam. The following are the list of banned words on this portal. Any message that contains any of the following words will be rejected automatically by our Anti-spam bot or will not deliver. There will be no refund to any message that will not deliver because of the below spam words.

Blocked Sender IDs:

FBI,CIA,Jonathan,Interpol,Interp0l,1nterp0l,FBI,CIA,EFCC,MTN,180,181,121,ETISALAT,Glo NG,MTNNG,MTNB0NUS,M'T'NNG,M'T'NNG,+MTNNG,M'T'NNG,CBN,131,9737693001,NOLLYWOOD,AIRTEL,AIRTEL NG,GL0NG,18O,M`TNNG,M'TNNG,M'TNNG,GTBank,GTB,GTB Ekenwan,GTB Uselu,GTB,GTB Ekenwa,777,4100,Yellow,MTN Nig,MTN-Nigeria,GTB,FCMB,Patrick,orange,Zenith,access,bank,prophetic,APC,PDP

Blocked Message Body:

congrat,congratulation,wow,sex,promo,fuck,yello,raffle,Globacom,win,yellow,congrats,congratulations,promotion,promotions,winning,won,wada,Yell0w, survey,surveyor,hurray,financial,code,whatsapp,facebook,twitter,instagram,,APC,PDP,vote,YDP

Spam Word List:

million,lotterypromo,gbpcongrat!,congrat,congratulation!,congratulation,pounds,dollars,euros,eurorafflemoney,won,you have won,you won,win now,winner,winning number,win,winner,winning,survey,surveys,scratch and win,million dollars,prize,n2million,mtn,glo,airtel,etisalatcongratulations ,promo ,won ,callpromo won ,prize ,prize ,callTracking ,Numberlottery,lotto,234803200,7058621229,22720392097,447005961436,(at),,BANKM3py , , , , , , ,Euro Casino , ,gsm promo , , , , , , ,mobile promo ,M-T-N ,-M-T-N- ,MT N ,M T N ,MTN N ,MTN NG ,MTN-NG , ,Nokia inc. ,nokia promowow , , , , , ,TOYOTA sweepstakes , , , ,vadia , , ,CONGRAT , ID cardyour mobile has been selected ,Your number has been selected ,you have won ,18O ,NOKlA UK ,N10M ,CONGRATULATIONS ,8034507819,8038664519,8034092824, ,M,T,N-NG ,Congratulation ,wo n ,takko ,Your Number Have Win ,won , ,22590409424,4444555,44770004,455445554,3345566,3343434,4456556557,Coca-Cola , ,LOADED , ,2392290275,Gl0lwinner ,C0NGRATS! ,YELL0 ,Card-Zone ,Cards-Zone , ,CLAIM ,CLAIMTODAY , ,..M"T N N ,.M"T N N ,M "T N N. ,M .T N N¡ ,M T"N-N ,M T"N-N. ,M T"N-NG ,M"T N N. ,M"T N¡ ,M"T N-N. ,M"T N-N.¡ ,M"TN N ,M"TN-N ,M,T,N-N ,4-1Recharge ,41Recharge ,YELLO ,ANGEL/MEZZY ,Bumazek , ,CouplesOut ,HSEFELOSHIP ,DebeerayÍs ,INVITATION ,ISAMS YABA ,Jemtrade ,LIVINGWORD ,MANSARD ,OPEDAYO ,ORLAJ ,P C EBUNILO ,PRIMEGROCER ,ROSGLORIOSM ,StanbicIBTC ,SUPOL SEGUN ,topkids ,YDD Welfare ,29749,180,4017,4017,1.8.O ,180 . ,AWOOF!!! ,BankAccess ,NOK ,GreatNews! ,lo1O10 ,M.T`N GN ,M.T`N ,M.T`N-.NG ,Megateq ,N0K ,NTM ,ULTIMATE ,Service180 ,"M.T`N-.NG Sender ,1,8O Sender ,M,TN Sender ,M.T`N ",fellowship ,Congrats ,Babes ,Strip ,sexual ,lottery ,lotto ,234803200,7058621229,22720392097,447005961436,(at) , ,BANKM3py , , , , , , ,Euro Casino , ,gsm promo , , , , , , ,mobile promo ,M-T-N ,-M-T-N- ,MT N ,M T N ,MTN N ,MTN NG ,MTN-NG , ,Nokia inc. ,nokia promo , , , , , ,TOYOTA sweepstakes , , , ,vadia , , ,CONGRAT ,you have won ,N10M ,8034507819,8038664519,8034092824,M .T N N? ,M"T N? ,M"T N-N.? ,Debeeray?s ,M.T`N ,7058621229,22720392097,Million ,BBC SWEEPSTAKES ,M"T"N. ,N0KIA-UK ,M TN-Win ,M TN ,C0NGRATULATI0NS! ,NokiaK,MiIIionaire ,N=1.5M ,N1.5M ,SIM B0NUS ,N-WlN ,080-35926854 ,8035926854,8162404638,7033065479,N2 ,N2.M ,N2-M ,N2M ,(BBC UK) ,BBC UK , , , , ,Win ,Zain ,Orange ,Umniah , enkhabat ,Entekhabat ,Entkhabat ,ENTAKHABAT ,ENTAKEB ,ENTAKAB ,ENTAKHEB ,ENTAKHAB ,ENTEKHEB ,ENTEKHAB ,ENTAKHBENY ,ENTEKHBENY , ELECT ,ELECTION ,ELECTME ,VOTE ,VOTEFORME ,VOTE4ME ,VOTING ,PARLAMAN ,PARLIAMENT ,Wining ,islah ,881945000000,237222,70007727,7000,Commander , 2399886288,50928170742,Fuck ,AbuFares ,NCHR ,vodafone ,Etisalat ,mobinel ,37127913696,Fack ,nsoor ,nsour ,STC ,Mobily ,MTN ,W1N ,W0N ,NKMOBILE ,YELLOLTD ,M .T N N? ,M"T N? ,M"T N-N.? ,MT N N ,M.T.N ,MTN-N ,M. T. N ,ass ,234803200,7058621229, ,GIo ,N O K I A ,**C0NGRATULATI0NS** ,NK-015 ,{NOKIA-UK } ,YELLO BOUNTY