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Bulk SMS

Webtech Solution is best digital marketing service provider company in India offer's bulk SMS service with all types of database as per the clients requirement which helps to increase your business.

Webtech Solution provides customized SMS solutions for Businesses and Companies, Hospitals, Schools, colleges, Small retail vendors, individuals, and students. For using our SMS services, you don’t need to install any software or applications, only just log in to your panel with your Id password and use the SMS service. For SMS marketing, you can easily send SMS to any large number of the database in just minutes.

Many more companies are providing SMS services in India offering highly effective and business-oriented SMS services at a very low cost. But before taking these services from any service provider first of all ensure about the company and their data that whether they are targeting the same what you are looking for because many times it is found that they take the money and also send the message but when we talk about inquiries about products and services, they fail to deliver their virtual report.


Same Rates & Features for Transactional and Promotional SMS

1. 100% White Label Panel

2. Best Industries Price

3. Same Time Delivery Report

4. Developer API

5. Actual/Virtual Credit Options

6. Priorities Route on Request

7. 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

8. DLT Registration

9. Multi-Level Reseller

10. Instant Sender ID Approval

Save Time: Instead, of drafting single messages and sending them to individual mobile subscribers, you can create one message, which is then sent to the targeted audience groups based on your requirements. You can create groups based on Gender, Location, Income, Category & more.

Save Money: Instead of sending individual messages to their customers, companies can choose to send bulk SMS to many more customers at a fraction of the prices.

Get Fast & Accurate Result: From your marketing Campaigns Mobile marketing enables advertisers to send out custom-made and personalized campaigns to lists of targeted audiences enabling customers to respond directly and there is huge potential for viral marketing as customers tend to forward messages in a group.

Fast Tracking Report: Delivery of all messages and the response can be tracked with existing systems. You can track details of the delivered SMS.

1. Highest Accuracy

2. User-friendly online interfaces

3. Uninterrupted services experience.

4. Fully web applications without any software cost and without any Initial setup fees.