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Webtech Solution is the best IVR Service Provider in India, offering cloud-based IVR Service at the most affordable rates. And Top leader in providing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Service in India

Webtech Solution creates you in a win situation for both the buyers and sellers. A buyer having to requested pieces of information from several businesses that offer the product/service that they are looking for and the sellers are given the opportunities to pitch their product/service to someone who has given them permission. Lead generation is a basic need for any type of business in the marketing field. For the best leads generation, we are offering IVR and voice calls/SMS services in India.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System is a computerized telephony voice platform, it automates various customer/client services and gives much more-needed control to the end-users. IVR service leverage the latest developments in Computer and telephony industries. Webtech Solution is a Virtual number service provider that provides callers with a menu of options for navigating the phone system to reach the department or phone number they desire. An auto attendant can be quite simple, or it can provide advanced features such as voice recognition and text-to-speech translation. So, When you dial your phone banking A pre-recorded voice greets you, guides you to avail various services provided by the bank, and Acts as a navigator to get the right information sought by you.

IVR Special Features:-

1. Leads Management
2. On-Hold Music
3. Support 24×7 Hours
4. Pop Up
5. Call Recording
6. Call Transfers
7. Call Logs
8. Multiple Extensions
9. Number Portability
10. Toll-Free Numbers
11. Call Forwarding
12. Round Robin Call
13. SMS Alert

Benefits from using IVR service in India
Here is a list of some of the benefits of using the IVR service.

Increase first contact resolutions– IVR service increase 1st contact resolutions because the callers are always directed to the relevant persons who are able to deal with his/her needs in the right way.

Increases customer service efficiencies– People who are work in a firm or company that uses IVR services in India are much more efficient at solving certain issues and fulfilling certain needs of the customers that they are assigned to.

Increases the agent and agency efficiency– People who work in organizations/companies with IVR services in India are more skilled in dealing with certain problems, are less likely to connect the calls to other employees and are less likely to consult with the managers & support teams. Therefore, IVR services in India leads to a significant increase in companies and agent efficiencies.

Reduce operational costs– IVR services in India replace customer service and the receptionist who answered calls and transferred them to the right agents. IVR services are also quite affordable, increase efficiency, and lower operational costs.