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At Webtech Solution we offer a high range and flexible cloud-based IVR System that can be utilized by varied business domains. We are one of the best IVR Service Providers in India offering IVR services at cost-friendly prices.

Best IVR Service Provider in India

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a service that functions with the help of an automated voice response system. The IVR System offered by Webtech Solution works on cloud-based technology. It has multiple features that make it beneficial for both businesses as well as customers. The pre-recorded voice system responds to the input given by callers using the voice input or DTMF tones or the telephone keypad. It takes input from users, processes their request, and reverts in the form of an automated voice response or by routing calls to the concerned department. Webtech Solution offers a virtual IVR number to businesses along with an auto-attendant feature. According to the needs of the businesses, they can get advanced features with multi-level menu options. It makes virtual phone system navigation easier; allowing callers to get the right solution or reach the right department.

Webtech Solution is helping customers get the desired information about the product or services they wish to buy or are already utilizing with the help of the cloud IVR System. With the help of an automated communication system, it is allowing businesses to deliver useful information when required by customers. This new advancement in telephony and computer technology is a great benefit for businesses. They are utilizing the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System functions for both inbound and outbound calling for various applications. Like Telecom Sector, Banking Sector, E-commerce Industry, Travel Portals, Railway Enquiries, Flight Bookings, Movie Ticket Booking, Food Delivery Apps, Cab booking, and many more. Other than these applications, IVR System also helps businesses in marketing by helping them generate leads.

Benefits of using IVR Service in India

Below are some of the benefits that businesses or organizations can get by using Interactive Voice Response Service for business in India.

Offers first contact resolutions

It is now possible to provide first contact resolutions to callers with the help of the IVR System. As it redirects the calls to the right department or to the concerned person only who can offer the right solution to the caller’s query. This saves time for both callers and agents; and adds customer satisfaction also.

Boosts customer service efficiencies

With the help of IVR Services, customer service has improved a lot. As most of the small queries are answered by the automated voice response system. So, customer service agents get ample time to resolve the other major or important queries of customers on time.

Increases agent’s efficiency

IVR System transfers customer’s calls to the right agent or department by understanding their queries. It saves agents from wasting their time on wrong queries and utilizing all their time in resolving the queries they are experts in. It increases the overall productivity of the customer service agent.

Reduces operational cost

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System helps in cutting the extra cost that the businesses were investing in call attendants, receptionists, or customer service. By making use of IVR solutions, organizations require less workforce for handling customer service. Most of the manual calling work is now automated and all of this reduces the operational cost.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response Features

Get an auto call attendant along with multiple features to handle all your calls. Know what all features come up with the cloud IVR System offered by Webtech Solution.

Multiple Menu Options

Uniquely designed Interactive Voice Response System offering connectivity and configuration for multiple departments. The wisely designed IVR System makes navigation, call flow, and query resolution better for both callers and agents. Customers no longer need to wait for long for their query resolution.

Pre-recorded professional IVR messages

Dedicated and high-quality voice-over provided by professionals for pre-recorded voice messages according to your business needs. All the pre-recorded voice messages can be changed or replaced when required. The professional IVR messages improve brand image and leave a great impact on customers.

IVR Call Recording

Track and access complete details of every call that was connected via this IVR System automatically with the help of the call recording feature. Unlimited calls can get recorded and stored in the IVR System for future use. It also allows higher management to monitor calls and train agents to offer better customer service in future.

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Integrate API and third-party applications

Incorporate third-party applications and useful APIs in our cloud-based IVR System to make your business offer better and more innovative solutions. Being one of the topmost IVR Service providers in India, we provide complete technical assistance for integrating these APIs and applications.

Integrate CRM

CRM Integration is offered along with IVR System to help businesses access complete details of the customer while using the IVR Services. It helps in verifying customer details and offering better resolution by checking complete information. Agents will no longer need to juggle between different applications or dashboards to check customers’ data.

Call Forwarding

No delays or long waiting queues in forwarding calls to the concerned department or dedicated agents with the help of easy IVR System navigation and instant call routing feature. The pre-recorded voice messages guide the customer to connect with the right department in a few seconds.

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Why Choose Webtech Solution

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We offer a flexible and multi-utility Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System.

Instant Installation

Quick and easy installation of IVR System to help businesses utilize its features from day one. This enables one to take calls of customers from day one only by activating all the IVR System services.

In-Budget Pricing

Webtech Solution has the best and most affordable IVR System in India. It covers most of the IVR Solutions at low pricing; including configuration, advanced features, and technical support..

Real-Time Tracking

Access all the calls in real-time by utilizing the IVR System dashboard and real-time tracking feature. Monitor the real-time call report from the dashboard to offer a better and more feasible solution to customers at different levels.

User-Friendly System

With multiple features, easy access to the dashboard, and less technical handling; we offer a user-friendly IVR Portal for all businesses. It allows agents to manage calls and other IVR functions with ease.

Easy CRM Integration

Integrate CRM in the IVR System with ease and get access to all the customer data on the same dashboard to offer quick and better support to customers when resolving queries.

Guaranteed Uptime

With 24 by 7 customer support and backend support, we offer 99.99 percent uptime to avoid any lag in the IVR Services. This helps in running all the IVR Services constantly without letting any delay in offering the customer support.

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With 24 by 7 customer support and backend support, we offer 99.99 percent uptime to avoid any lag in the IVR Services. This helps in running all the IVR Services constantly without letting any delay in offering the customer support.




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