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IVR Is A Technology Which Allows A Computer To Interact With Peoples Through The Use Of DTMF Tones And Voice Input By A Keypad. IVR Allows Customers To Interact With A Company’s Host System By Speech Recognition Or A Telephone Keypad In Telecommunications. IVR Systems Can Respond With Dynamically Generated Or Pre-Recorded Audio To Further Users On How To Proceed. These Systems Are More Intelligent Than Predictive Dialer Systems. It Can Be Used For Banking Payments And Services, Retail Orders, Mobile Purchases, Utilities, Weather Conditions, And Travel Information.

IVR systems are used for outbound calling and deployed in the network are sized to handle large call volumes. The main purpose of an IVR is to take input, process it, and return a result of an automated attendant to route calls. You can configure your IVR system in a way that the caller can leave a recorded message or they can opt for a callback.

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Benefits for Using IVR Services

Here is the List of some Benifits of using IVR ServicesHere is the List of some Benifits of using IVR Services
Complex Call Handling:

IVR redirects routine calls to frequently asked questions and allows callers to use IVR as a free self-service service to handle complex calls and questions across multiple channels.

Improved Customer Experience & Efficiency

When your IVR is reliable, easy to use, and effective, customers never have to worry about being routed to the wrong department or ending up with an agent who can’t solve their problem. T

Scalable & Easy to Manage

IVR-enabled contact centers are easily scalable, independent of the physical constraints of traditional call centers. You don’t even have to be a developer to get started!

Access Your Analytics

Software-based solutions like IVR also provide you with the ability to track your data and metrics, covering everything from CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) to Call Abandonment Rate and Service Level.

Meet Customers’ Real Needs

Modern IVR systems can do more than direct callers to “press 1 for customer service.” IVR should allow customers to find the resources they’re looking for, quickly and with ease.

Supports and Improves Lead Conversion

Recent advancements in IVR technology have made it possible to use this tool for sales and lead generation. IVR systems, depending on the provider.

IVR Special Feature

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Make the most of your bulk SMS marketing, customer engagement & retention campaigns with our award-winning features.

Customized Messages & Prompts

Record a customized greeting that best represents your company and record a message that takes the caller one-step closer to having his questions answered.

Automated Customer Problem Resolution

Help customers solve their own problems by obtaining specific information from them about the problem and then guiding them through the steps to resolve

Route Callers to the Appropriate Department

With IVR’s speech ‘receptionist’, you can route callers to the proper team or department that helps them meet their needs.

Dynamic Menu Options

If a customer problem goes beyond the dynamic menu, the IVR system guides the caller to the relevant agencies that are available.

Pre-built Templates

Customize IVR’s pre-built templates to deploy sophisticated call flows that meet your needs & ensure the right caller is directed to the right agent.

Reduced Call Times

Collecting important call information before connecting the caller to the agent dramatically cuts down on call handle time. In fact, we guarantee a minimum of 60 seconds!

Voice Recognition Ability

Integrating computer telephony technology with IVR software improves the flow of calls and reduces waiting times, resulting in higher overall customer satisfaction.

AI-driven Voice Response

Interactive voice response enables companies to interact with potential customers and customers using touch sounds and keyboards using DTMF (dual-tone, multi-frequency speaking language)

It’s error-free

If you have a receptionist answering your calls, there’s a good chance that in the hundreds of calls received daily, a couple of them will wind up in the wrong place. With an IVR auto attendant, the customer is responsible for where they are going.

Missed Call Numbers and Dual VMNs

Missed call numbers and Dual VMNs allow you to open an easy, cost-effective 2-way communication channel with your customers via a simple missed call or SMS.

Reduces Response Time

Ordered your favorite food and waited for a long time for it to deliver? Well, as a consumer, there’s a strong urge to get your issues resolved for the service you requested by calling the company’s helpline or customer support number.

Build Opt-in List with myDND Manager

Webtech Solution myDND Manager builds and updates your opt-in customer list based on explicit customer requests. Customers can subscribe or unsubscribe anytime by just sending a simple SMS to your inbox.


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